Session 1
The Allure of Danger

Traveling on the western border of the Echo Wood with his two ranger bodyguards, the tengu druid El Kal, comes across an awkward trio of strangers making their way into the forest, from the west. Poorly sneaking along in the fields and tall grass along the road, staying near the two hardy travelers that had been at hand at the proper time, Jack the half-elf rogue thinks nobody detects his presence and keeps at it. With little interest in the odd, yet seemingly harmless, half-elf hiding in the weeds or the large humanoid bird flanked by two woodsmen, Mog the half-orc fighter and Thames the human monk walk in quiet contemplation, with confidence, toward that infamous, infinitely corrupt place that will be the birthplace of their respective legends: Thornkeep.

Tense moments pass by as El Kal hails the other two travelers before they enter the forest and presents the benefits of moving forward, as a safer group. Reservations are had by Mog but, eventually he and Thames agree to the reasoning. All aware of Jack’s presence, the now cooperating group choose to discount the person with a chuckle, and turn to begin the 6.5 mile trek through the Echo Wood with more dire attitudes.

Breaching only the barest edge of the forest, the rightfully wary group is set upon by an ambush!

Encounter 1
Mosswater Road Bandits
4 Hobgoblins and Thug Leader (face hidden)


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