Welcome to the Jungle! (technically, it’s a forest)

Hidden within the twisting paths of the Echo Wood, the lawless settlement of Thornkeep gives shelter to folk both dangerous and desperate. Here, the hardiest settlers and artisans ply their trades, ready to defend their own with blade or arrow; mercenaries and barbarians brawl in dismal tap-houses, fueled by turbid moonshine and illicit backwater drugs; brigands and river pirates come to spend their bloody gold in unruly and dingy establishments; and monsters both benign and otherwise hide among the populace, eking out their debauched existences as they seek to inflict cruelties on their neighbors. Mercy, charity, trust—these virtues are in short supply in Thornkeep. This forest stronghold is a place where the bold and enterprising can make a fortune and perhaps even keep it—so long as they are strong enough to protect their wealth from the myriad dangers, both human and otherwise, that plague the town.


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